To be a modulista is not to focus one’s life on the circumstances, but to create circumstances that are so changeable that they fit in with our times. Changing locations, increasing or decreasing space requirements, just as life plays, we play along. But you don’t have to live in a tent or in a metal container to be mobile. High-quality, sustainable solutions can also be flexible.

A modulista can be a home, an office, a dormitory, a hostel. It can accommodate your small business idea, or a corporation. And if you want to try another place, it just comes along.

You decide what your Modulista looks like. You decide where your Modulista stands. What your Modulista is, you decide.
But not forever but always new!

Modular building in solid wood

We build modular houses in solid wood. High-quality, smart and consistently sustainable. Living and working for the environment and for the people who live and work in a modulista.

How your modulista looks like is up to you. Our system of modules can be assembled in any combination. There are no limits to your requirements for a smart office building, your family home or your pop-up-store.

Modulista Modulbau in Massivholz

What is modulista?

Modulista is the expression of an attitude to life. Free, flexible, ecological, comfortable, high quality, never fixed and always in development. That's how our customers are. That's who we are. This is modulista.
Decide how you want to live and work. Become a modulista. Together we develop your building step by step. And once you’ve made up your mind, it’ll be quick. Get in contact.

Pls note! We’re working hard on an English version of our modulista website. So far we can offer you detailed information in German only. Sorry for now but stay tuned.

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